Donation of body bags from Ceremore Tsukuba


We have received generous donation of 300 body bags from Ceremore Tsukuba, an undertaker’s company. The bags will be passed onto SNCTC (Secretariat of National Counter Terrorism Committee) of Cambodia, and will be utilized as emergency relief for accidents and disasters.

The donation of body bags was made in response to the request from the emergency aid agency in Cambodia immediately after the crowd accident in Phnom Penh in November last year. At that time, there were not enough number of body bags for around 350 casualties, which caused great concern of the ‘secondary’ disaster such as spread of infectious diseases.

Side By Side International, a non-profit organization based in Japan and Cambodia, is helping us ship the bags and make sure the package reaches its destination.

We will upload information on this page as soon as we hear the arrival of the shipment. We hereby express our best gratitude to Ceremore Tsukuba and Side By Side International for their cooperation.

Ceremore Tsukuba and boxes of body bags

Side By Side International, loading body bags