Director visits the Water Festival victim for medical examination


Dr Shigemi Kitahara, Director of our organization, visited the Water Festival victims in two hospitals in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Dr Kitahara and a few staff members toured in Calmette Hospital and Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital for two days on 16th and 17th December, offering medical examinations to in-hospital patients and giving lectures on MRI (magnetic resonance images) to local doctors.
Conditions of patients were particularly severe in Calmette Hospital. All of us were deeply distressed as one of the patients desperately related his symptoms in Japanese. We did not stay for long due to time constraints of our schedule, to our regret. But we are also pleased to know that our activity has made even a small contribution for Cambodian people who are in need.

There are still a number of patients and their families who are suffering in Cambodia. We will continue to make as much effort as we can to contribute for their well-being. Your cooperation is always most welcomed.