Training for Cambodian Doctor


Training Week for a Cambodian Doctor at Kitahara Neurosurgical Institute:
Kitahara Neurosurgical Institute welcomed the first Cambodian trainee, Dr. Chamnan, 26, medical doctor from Hun Sen Bun Rany Hospital, Phnom Penh. He took the training with the aim of understanding the standard of Japan’s health and medical services and its operation system. At the Institute, he went through a series of learning and training sessions, not only the attendance at laboratory and surgical operation room, but also the entire hospital operation system including out-patient department, medical recording procedure, and maintenance department.
Dr. Chamnan said he was deeply impressed by the highly-systematized operation of the medical treatment system, as well as cutting-edge medical technology that are regularly in the hospital. He completed the training week with submission of the report and the presentation, followed by the grant of certification.
Dr. Chamnan expressed his gratefulness to our NGO and the Kitahara Neurosurgical Institute for the opportunity of the training week. He said he also heartily hoped success of our Cambodia Project and looked forward to establishment of the good, sustainable medical systems that our NGO is aiming to achieve in Phnom Penh.

Dr. Chamnan (center) in the operating room

Dr. Chamnan (right) was given certificate from Dr. Momose, Head of the Neurology Department